Australia Comes Under Spotlight Over Inflow Of India Students

24 October, 2014

Indian Students in Australia
Australia has hit the headlines yet another time for all the good reasons. The federal education department of Australia has said that there had been a steep increase in the inflow of the Indian students to Australia.

The department officials, who briefed the same to the media recently, have also mentioned that over 12000 Indian students who completed their education in Australia returned to Australia for further education.

Hailing the streamlined visa processing, the officials stressed that it was due to relaxation of rules that Australia witnessed the return of Indian students. It has to be mentioned here that Australian universities promise at least two years of guaranteed work after the completion of the graduation.

The immigration experts opined that this could be one of the best reasons as to why Indian students titled towards Australia in the recent past compared to 2008 and 2009 where the students inflow was recorded at 10,000.

The federal education department officials, meanwhile, said that there had been an increase of 20% Indian students in the post graduation studies.

All in all, itís a good sign that presumably sends across a strong message that Australia is giving tough competition to western countries.

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