Foreign Students Could Increase the Demand for Student Property in UK

12 December, 2014

International Students in UK
The United Kingdom is a popular choice among students from other countries for the purpose of education and the UK government is taking positive steps to see that this trend continues over the years. With the number of inbound students from abroad into UK, there is an all-time demand for investment in student property in all the leading university towns.

Recent studies have revealed that foreign students are attracted to these UK universities due to the high level of satisfaction with the experiences they have here, especially with the University of Exeter leading the lot. Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Certificate was bestowed to five UK universities and a gold award was given to Exeter University.

It is therefore, assumed that a large number of overseas students are expected to come to UK. This would definitely have a bearing on the student property market. The hub of major universities like Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool show that the student property market is undersupplied, even though the demand is great.

Countries like Germany are hoping to see half of their students heading abroad by 2020. This would lead to political and economic development while benefitting the students with an international degree. To help make their stay comfortable, investments were being made to make student accommodation satisfactory. Students are willing to shell out the extra money to get premium accommodation in prime locations.

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