Good reception to overseas students in UK, reveals study

20 September, 2014

Good reception to overseas students in UK, reveals study
In a major study that was carried out to find out how international students feel in UK, 76% of UK students have strongly said that UK welcomes international students while only two per cent of them gave contrary statements. The British Council, which conducted this survey to throw light on the atmosphere of overseas students in Britain, has said that nearly five students in ten at every major university in UK hailed from overseas.

The study has also ascertained that overseas students with good communication skills were able to gel up with the international students and were aware of the motivation of overseas students to study in  UK.

Also, the reports revealed by the council have indicated that apparently half-a-million international students are going to arrive in UK for the overseas education. Briefing more on the same, the British Council Director of Education, Prof. Rebecca Hughes has said that it was a good sign to see how UK students were playing a crucial role in integrating the overseas students into UK.

All in all, these studies can apparently result in increased student population to the United Kingdom in the months to come.

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