International Students Not To Be Included Under Net Immigration Statistics

29 November, 2014

International Students in UK
According to a new report, UK universities and colleges should continue to draw the attention of students from abroad. The report states that the number of foreign students coming to UK should not be counted under net immigration estimates. The majority of localities also do not want a decrease in the number of students coming here from other countries. The investors who provide accommodation to these students also depend on them for high profit.

The above stated facts are included in the prologue written by Lord Bilimoria CBE, for this latest report. It specifically talks about students who wish to set-up a business in the UK, following their graduation. The document named-Made in the UK: Unlocking the Door to International Graduates report was undertaken along the side of the National Union of Students. It states that almost 42 percent of offshore students intend to start up their own business, a third of these want to do so in the UK itself.

75 percent of the UK public is of the view that these international students should be allowed to stay in the country after their studies. The rise in the student inflow has led to a great impact on student property investment as they are more particular about their accommodation facilities.

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