More Foreign Students Enrolled In Southern Illinois University, USA

16 September, 2014

More Foreign Students Enrolled In Southern Illinois University, USA
Southern Illinois University (SIU) sees rise in number of international students’ enrollments at the Carbondale campus.

The foreign students’ populace increased by 25% representing around 1,817 students, attributing over 10% of the school's student body.        

The school noticed that this is the first time that such a rise is observed in students’ enrollments after nine years of declining enrollments. Even though it was a minor increase with 25 students the rise was noticed by the school officials. A total of 17,989 enrollments have reported over this month.

It has to be mentioned here that foreign students are heading from over 108 countries with majority of them being from India, China, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil. The students’ populace from Brazil encompasses one-year exchange students via a mobility program in the country that intends to send one lakh students abroad to study science and Mathematics.

SIU's campus situated in Edwardsville has seen a surge in students’ enrollments holding 122 students. The total enrolments represented 13,972 students.

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