More Foreign Students Get Attracted Towards Twin Cities Of The US

03 September, 2014

More Foreign Students Get Attracted Towards Twin Cities Of The US
A recent report revealed that the twin cities-Minneapolis-St. Paul and Bloomington are amongst the countrys leading 20 metro areas that allure overseas students to its universities and colleges.

Around 11,623 college students on F-1 visas are residing in the twin cities from past several years. The survey found that approximately half of the twin cities overseas students representing 49.4% are residing across the metro area after completing their graduation.

The report unveils that the number of internationals students holding F-1 visa in the US universities and colleges is increased rapidly in a past decade.  A major number of students i.e. 85% were residing in metropolitan areas, whereas 45% of those students extended their F-1 visas to work in the similar metro areas.

Over two-third (8,009) of the metropolitan areas overseas students attended University of Minnesota, making it as the 14 top university amongst others. In addition to this, the twin cities top study destinations also include Macalester College, Hamline University, the University of St. Thomas and Metropolitan State University.

The major source of foreign students for theses twin cities are from China i.e. 3,771 students and the other key source countries are India with 1,356, South Korea with 1,316, Taiwan with 406 and Canada with 323. Seoul, capital of South Korea is the major source representing 710 students. 

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