Prodigy Finance sponsors MBA students in US

09 October, 2014

Prodigy Finance sponsors MBA students in US
Education finance major, Prodigy Finance has introduced a new loan scheme for prospective students who seek MBA education at the top international universities in the United States of America.

The representatives of the finance, who spoke to the media, have said that the main aim to start up this scheme was to ensure that no merit student is denied of quality MBA education in US.

While only full time students of MBA can apply for the program, the sanctioned loan amount will be used only towards the tuition fee, said the representatives.

They even mentioned that the alumni of the universities will provide the required funds to keep this scheme functioning. It may be noted that Prodigy Finance was established in 2007 and since then it disbursed over 50 million dollars to over 100 students.

The current scheme is applicable for 15 universities in the United States including the prestigious Harvard Business School.

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