Several Foreign Students Throng into Iowa State to Pursue Bachelor's Program

10 November, 2014

Lowa State University
The opportunity to study abroad, especially in a US university can be very enticing. The reasons include better international exposure, an opportunity to visit and explore new places and also additionally, to improve one’s scope of better studies.

Iowa State is witnessing an inflow of students from every nook and corner of the globe. Students from places as far as Bangladesh and Egypt to closer countries such as Venezuela and Canada are joining the Bachelor’s degree program in Iowa State. These students like to grab the opportunity to take advantage of the occasion to prove themselves in a way not possible in their home countries. Also, the thrill of finding out how the world works is very appealing to them.

The Office of the Registrar states that out of a total of 4,950 graduates at Iowa State, nearly 1,775 are offshore students. This includes, 87% from Asia comprising 392 Indians alone. The rest 57 students are from Africa, 81 collectively from Oceania, the Caribbean Islands, South America and Australia. this year a total of 37% candidates joined globally.

Iowa State is known to be very hospitable in its approach to overseas students which helps them to easily mingle with the American culture. There are cultural clubs in which students can join. The purposes for which these students land up in the USUS, study further for a Doctorate or bring home their newly-acquired knowledge.

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