Study On Indian Students Immigration Reveals Interesting Facts

06 September, 2014

Study On Indian Students Immigration Reveals Interesting Facts
A recent report revealed by the US Council of Graduate Schools has thrown light on the interesting facts. The detailed study has ascertained that the number of Indian students seeking international education is on high rise compared to previous year. The statistics have said that the number soared by 25 per cent while there was no progress in the number among Chinese students.

The study has found out the reasons behind this trend among youngsters. It has said that in the fields of arts and humanities, very few departments offer good courses and there was nearly no good school that would match up to the ranks of IIT and IIMs.

Also, it has said that the young generation would look for high-quality programmes and hi-tech study environment, which is accessible only in some foreign countries such as Canada, Germany and UK.

Further, the study revealed that such students who go out on completion of their post graduate degrees would choose to stay back and complete the their doctoral programmes.

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