Surge in Indian Students Going to the U.S

21 January, 2015

Study in USA
Arriving in UK for pursuing higher education is no longer appealing to Indian students. That is why they are now heading towards the U.S. The visiting Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the Indian students have changed their outlook about coming to the UK. There is a general view regarding the difficulties faced by Indian students in UK in terms of getting scholarships and having to pay almost thrice the fees as paid by the local students.

The government of UK had pointed out in the previous month that new plans were under way to make international graduates who were there in the country on a student visa to return to their home nations after the completion of their studies. This step could adversely affect the enrollment of Indian students in British universities. A recent study by the British Council made it evident that more and more number of Indians are now choosing US educational institutions over the UK universities due to stringent visa regulations on post-study work in the UK.

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