US Rolled Out To Be Top Destination For Foreign Students

02 September, 2014

The United States has become the world’s leading destination for higher education. Every year hundreds and thousands of students move to the US to study business, science or engineering.

The Brookings Institution has revealed a report demonstrating that within an academic year i.e. 2012-13, a total of 819,644 global students were pursued their education in the US.

According to the survey, the highest percentage of those undergraduate students holding F-1 visa were pursuing business, marketing or management courses have accounted for 32.4%, students who have picked engineering field are about 11.5%.

The number of overseas students has increased significantly. Earlier, a decade ago there were totally 110,000 F-1 visa holders in the US. However, in these recent years the figure had augmented to approximately five times i.e. to 524,000.

The major source of students in the US, holding F-1 visas are from China, followed by India representing 15% and South Korea accounting for 10%.

These students rather than going back to their mother lands after their studies will be able to participate in the Optional Practical Training (OPT) program. Through OPT program, the holders of F-1 visa can apply for an employment in their respective fields at the US after graduation. In the previous year, there were around 100,000 workforce in the US under the OPT program.

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