Generally, the first question that comes to a student's or parent's mind is why should they or their wards study abroad when they have a number of Universities or Colleges offering the same courses in their home country. The answer is simple-Studying abroad can give students a sense of accomplishment, a will to be on their own and finally a realization that they can succeed against all odds. This will help them broaden their horizon and achieve their career goals successfully.

Our Role

There are a number of Universities / Institutions abroad that provide quality education but locating the best according to the academics and scores of the students, would be the most difficult task. That is where the role of our Career Counselor's come in. They will help you choose a University / Course that is tailor made to suit your needs and aspirations in the long run. We develop liaison with International Universities / Institutes, make them come in pact with us, understand the Courses and Services the University / Institute has to offer, evaluate the education level, scores & past track of the student and then refer the best University / Institute to the student depending on his/her eligibility & requirements.

Our Expertise

Study Ideas expertise gives the student a right blend of Country and University Information to help them select the right country and course. Our expert counselors will take you through the information on the Universities in your dream destination and will also assist you in comparing the education standard, quality of services, fee structure of all the Universities, thus facilitating you to choose what is best suited for you. Our Counselors guide you in choosing a suitable country, if you are not sure on where you want to go, suitable University and a suitable Course as per your needs and preferences, thus making us a connoisseur in the field of education consulting.

The Difference

We understand that, by just giving you a choice of Universities and getting you an Admission, does not end our job. It is a new beginning for you and a big responsibility for us. Our experienced professionals will not only guide you with the admission process & help you in getting scholarships & grants, but we also help in the complete visa process, counsel you on the basic requirements of settling abroad and assist you in other areas like foreign exchange, insurance, etc. Our post departure services are an added advantage for the student. Moreover, the cultural differences in the new country will be a major hiccup for settling aboard but our counselors will help you settle in the new country without any hassles.

The Choice

Now the choice is yours. We are a tailor made education consultant and will be able to dish out the perfect fit for you. Our services are incomparable and our dedication is unmatched.

So, come in with a question and walk out with a dream and see it becoming a reality!!

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