32% Increase Of Indian Students In US Universities

07 September, 2015

US colleges and universities experienced 32% rise in number of students from India since last year, as compared to 9% worldwide.
For international students US release a weekly report by SEVP (student and exchange visitor program), therefore this is a part of customs enforcement and US immigrations. Since 2014 there has been 32% raise in students from India. 76% of all worldwide students are from Asia.
For worldwide students the top ten countries included China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Vietnam, South Korea, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Canada.
In US greatest percentage of raise in students are from Vietnam and India at 25.9% and 31.9% correspondingly, when compare to information extract from July 2014 SEVIS.
Followed by 17% from China 24% of all students studying at school in the state of Texas are from India, SEVP said.
Followed by India with nearly 150,000 China with reference to 300000 has the highest number of worldwide Students in the US.
Most worldwide top five schools are Purdue University, Columbia University, University of Southern California, The University of Illinois, and New York University.
At present there are 1.5 million worldwide students in the US who get F and M visa for studying in the country. There are many students studying engineering, mathematics, science, technology (STEM) fields in the US. In that 86% of international students studying STEM coursework from Asia.
The students have to attend SEVP-certified school, once the students get acceptance from Ceritifed School they need to apply for US student visa. Therefore 81% of Indian students are highest for any country in STEM field, the report said.
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