Advantages of study abroad from the students perspective

23 September, 2015

Advantages of study abroad from the studentís perspective
United Kingdom education internationalís unit go British council and international program have released report on the benefits of spending time as part of United Kingdom undergraduate degree.

To reach in to United Kingdom domiciled students two bodies came together. Therefore the research aims to provide evidence for higher education in United Kingdom.

On an online survey of 2842 undergraduates from 37 United Kingdom higher education institutions mainly focus on 8 institutions.  There is a positive link between mobility program for 1 year and career & personal development. The most commonly reported benefits include developing independence and likelihood of working abroad long term.

Short period of mobility often had a similar impact on longer period. All the students are wished to have a further mobility. Short visit such as taster visit, summer schools are more beneficial they tend to participate in long program.

There are other common motivations which include independence & self confidence, inter cultural awareness, improving language and communication skills.

Decision of study in abroad is not an easy one to make. Many students reported the total cost of experience, availability of funding, reputation for quality of host were key factors to make decision.

Number of students going to china to study or work has grown from 2013 in 6500 to nearly 7400 last year. British council study work provides a gateway to thousands of expert device and international opportunities about overseas experience. 

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