Arizona among the Top Study Destinations for International Students

26 November, 2014

Students of Arizona
A new report states that the U.S. has shown a growth of 8% in the number of students from abroad, with a total of 8,86,052 students enrolling in that country. Arizona State has remained abreast with this rise, showing a 16% rise in the same period.

The Open Doors Report on International Students Exchange for the year 2014 has placed Arizona on the 18th slot with 15,442 foreign students in the academic session 2013-2014, which is 2,000 figures more than last year. With 8,683 students comprising more than half of the Arizona State University’s foreign admission, the ranking of this university is now the eighth highest among the schools in the country.

This surge is attributed to the principle of supply and demand. For countries like India and China, there are more candidates than number of educational institutions to take them in. Deputy vice president for research and evaluation at the Institute of International Education, Rajika Bhandari is reported to have said that the demand is such that students will automatically turn to other foreign nation for education. She also said that U.S. was known for its wide variety of schools.

This was followed by a statement by Kent Hopkins, the vice provost of enrollment management at ASU that the number of students in ASU has increased to almost double since 2010 and they are hoping this will reach a limit of 10,000 by fall 2017.

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