Athens welcomes international students to study in Abroad

22 September, 2015

Webster University welcomes International Students to Study Abroad
The first group of Webster university students travelled Ancient Olympia to visiting ancient theatres of Epidavros. From Webster St. Louis Webster university Athens welcomed the first semester students to study in abroad.

To orient the students the first week was designed in the city, campus, and ways to travel around. The week ended with a relaxing day at a nearby beach.

In coming weeks the students will learn about politics, history culture and society, archaeology, art and language of Athens.

Anna Gaffney who is studying in Human resource in Webster’s George and Herbert walker school of business and technology said the opportunities are endless. Studying in Greece is a life time experience. And there are many advantages studying there the students can go to beach, eat amazing foods, see Greek islands and can go tour throughout the world.

In that university professors are resourceful and encouraging. And they have regular trips to historical sites and museums to understand history.

Athens campus is beautiful with super location. Noah Laster a film production student said students can truly in the heart of city. On his first trip of abroad every students are friendly and patient.

Other destinations and excursions in Greece are part of program. In this semester the students will travel to Ancient Olympia and learn about many things. Students can also visit the archaeological sites of Mycenae & Delphi and the ancient theatre of Epidavros.

Their first weekend in Greece students travelled to the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Group study excursions are part of study aboard. To participate in study abroad at the Athens campus students need not know about Greek language. Majority of students enrolled in Greek language course.

Victoria Jewell said, learning second language with different alphabet is challenge. For the study abroad another popular course is community service learning. In this course students have an opportunity to volunteer in the local community and learn more about local culture and society.

Apart from this students will be volunteering a local refugee agency in Athens, and they also helping meals to more than 200 refugees during the Webster works worldwide.

And there is also another course known as two credit open water driver semester course. Many students are interested to learn how to dive in the blue water of the Aegean and learn about the underwater world.

Activities like traditional Greek dancing classes are planned for students. Greece is a real delight and the campus feels personal the locals are welcoming and the food is too good. 

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