Attractive career opportunities for international students

14 February, 2015

In a bid to allure more number of international students from across the globe, Terra State Community institution of United States is all set to provide more number of educational and career opportunities for students from overseas nations. The concerned officials of the country have planned to offer attractive prospects for its students, as the cost of study and learning in the country is very much affordable when compared to other nations.

With a key desire of attracting more number of international students, Terra State Community institution is planning to have a partnership with the Consortium of University of Toledo Community. With the support of new Consortium and the other two vocational institutions of China, Terra State College will be able to introduce more number of joint degree and study abroad programs. As per the new records of the country, it was found that Wuxi Institute of Technology of China has shown more interest to make overseas students to undertake the joint degree such as Mechanical Engineering Transfer Degree with the college of Terra State.

In general, China doesn’t have the transfer system, i.e. students who pursue their studies in the polytechnic colleges will not be able to transfer to any of the universities of the country. Thus, few of the Consortiums of China have planned to have a partnership with Terra State to make international students and its citizens to undertake associate degree in Terra State College and to transfer to the Toledo University to complete their baccalaureate degree.

Few of the sources of United States have also noted that with the new partnerships, the count of individuals from China and the leisure two-week tours to China would increase gradually. In the near coming year, Terra State Community is also planning to put forth popular courses in the study abroad programs such as Associate of Arts and to exhibit the 3,500 years Calligraphy of diverse historical styles and eras and many others.

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