Australia Becomes Hot Destination For Foreign MBA Students

02 September, 2014

The business schools in Australia intend to entice more global MBAs and achieve market share to a greater extent in order to compete with other world's best business schools.

Australia’s reputed MBA programs and relaxed migration laws are assisting the country to generate a new study destination for MBA’s.

A cluster of business schools are trying to ramp up their decades-  by competing  with the world’s MBAs by generating additional global engagement, diversity scholarships and foreign exchange programs. All these programs made Australia to stand one among the world’s hot destinations for MBA.

According to the surveys, currently, Australia is the fourth famous destination for MBA and has raised its market share to 25% from 20% over past four years.

The significant reason for the nation’s growth is that more of its business schools are carrying out MBA programs. University Of Western Australia, a business school is planning to introduce a fresh MBA in 2015, which is outlined for senior managers who have the choice of flying-in on a part-time basis.

The high ranked program in Australia is Graduate School of Management MBA. Other high-flyer business school, which has introduced its initial MBA classes four years ago, is Melbourne Business School.

Extensively, both the business schools have a worldwide zest to their functions and their students. Australian school of businesses, MBA followers is about 80% worldwide, whereas similarly over 80% of Melbourne’s class is from abroad.

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