Australia launched new help desk for international students

30 July, 2015

Australia Launches New Help Desk for Students
Entering to a foreign country for the first time can be a daunting experience, especially for the large number of students who arrive in Australia each year.

Thus, Sydney airport in Australia has arranged a help desk or welcome desk, with an intention to minimize the stress of students when they land in Australia at the international airport.

According to the Stuart Ayres, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events, the new help desk helps to make sure overseas students feel welcome into the country.

The latest surveys have focused that the initial, 24 hours are vital to students forming their perspectives about residing and studying in New South Wales.

He also explained that experience demonstrates executing easy gesture, such as a welcome desk, fosters students to come back as ambassadors for the State as well as supports further growth in the field.

The Welcome Desk for International Student at Airport serves as an avenue, whether students are entering in Sydney or visiting on to regional New South Wales to their university or education institution.

In the previous year, overseas students generated $6.3 billion in export income for New South Wales, the State’s major service export.

Nearly 300,000 international students study in Australian educational institutions or universities, which represents one-fourth of total higher education student populace. 

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