Australia Needs One Million Foreign Students till 2025

10 February, 2016

Australia Needs Million Foreign Students
Recent reports shows  that Australian Government has a huge Student population which has raised to nearly half a million of Foreign Students in 2015 and it has became the country’s fourth largest trade. But Austrade’s wants to go higher in the recently released market plan and here international education takes  major role in it as per the strategies. Therefore, Australian Government has stimulated 2016 Student Visa applicants to apply early so that it strongly believes a flow of the Foreign Nationals.


As per the Research in 2015 more than 400,000 International Students were enrolled in the Austrade’s Institution. The scheme Australian International Education 2025 (AIE 2025) aims one million International Students on the on-shore and 10 million International Students in next ten years. But till 2025 AIE  requires a bunch of mutual effort in Australia.

Australians recognized a few different disputes which faces development plans and in which way  these disputes have to be addressed. First thing is that Australians will  encourage to take actions and to develop strategies and also tries to attracts International Students. The Commission also identifies that there is a large amount of student base are from Indian Origin. Australian are also working in African countries too to tighten there relationships. In order to reach their goal to 10 million Austrade’s aims to develop many Programmes such as to develop more online study options to provide free training and to development courses so as to fill all the gaps in several industries.

Therefore, Australians aims are high. Simultaneously, Universities around the World are trying to improve and organize relationships in Business and Industries.

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