Australia recovering as popular study destination for Indians

30 June, 2015

Australia Study Destination for Indians
Australia is quickly recovering as a most popular study destination for number of Indian students as their joining during the initial four months of 2015 has soared to more than 48,000 when compared to around 37,000 students during the similar period in the previous year. 


The second largest group of international students in Australian universities or educational institutions came from India, following China.

In 2015, during initial four months (January to April) the total count of international students enrolled in Australian universities is 48,311—increased, when compare to 36,964 during the equivalent period in 2014.

Mainly the increase in student’s enrolments has seen in sectors like higher education where the count has stood at 25,439 during first four months when compared to 17,694 within the same period in the last year.

Enrolments of international student’s in Vocational Education & Training field (VET) from India during the same period have increased from 16,772 in 2014 to more than 18,350 in 2015.

Among all the states, Victoria has witnessed the highest count of Indian students for pursuing higher education at more than 11,000 enrolments between January and April this year, increased from 7,611 enrolments during the similar period previous year.

The Melbourne based Consul general, Monika Jain, said that Victoria's business with India was very positive in the field of education and Indian students market in the Australian state was actually picking up.

The state Victoria has witnessed a largest number of Indian students followed by New South Wales.

A number of Australian states including Victoria as well as NSW have been working on bolstering their economic ties with India by outlining methods to improve trade as well as investment particularly in education field.

In a proposal to strike Indian students market, New South Whales labor leader Luke Foley newly demanded opening doors for thousands of Indian students during the impending years to Australia.

Apparently, , a private training college owner who owns a school, number of aspects reformed the Indian registrations like simpler student visa evaluation levels, relaxed employment limitations and simplified visa processing. 

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