Australia to boost international student's number

17 July, 2015

Victoria State in Australia Increasing International Students
Victoria in Australia is planning a significant extension of the count of fee-paying overseas school students it brings into the country’s education system.

Overseas education sector is the state’s major single export earner, bringing $4.7 billion in a year, however it depends on universities and vocational education.

The increasing demand for overseas parents to send their child to Australian schools has been recognized by state government as a development opportunity.

Nearly 90% of international school students prefer to study territory courses.

Victoria consists of one third of country’s international school student market with 5055 full fee paying overseas students.

Among these 2815 are studying in government schools; by the end of May the overall count of international students at schools in Australia had grown by over 12% in the previous year to 15,891, of which approximately 50% were from China.

According to the state government discussion, a trend especially from international students in China, means that progressively more parents are preferring to send their children overseas to study from a younger age.

The proposal was welcomed by president of Victorian Association of State Secondary Principals, Judy Crowe; an earlier principal at Melbourne Girls College.

She said that the challenge was to foster foreign parents to consider sending their children to regional and suburban schools.

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