Australia Update for Student Loans

25 February, 2016

Australia Student Loans
New legislation has announced that graduates who are living in overseas have to clear their highest education loans to the Australian Government as long as they reside in abroad. Till now $800 million students have not cleared their graduating student loans.

New Rules

If you have any assistance from the Education loan Program me or a Trade support loan and you earn more than the threshold payment you are required to pay back the student loan as long as you live in abroad.

The Australian Taxation office will use the data from  the international agencies to identify the students who have to clear their debt in working overseas. 

1st contact help

If you start repaying your Australian student loan 1st contact has an cost-effective international money transfer service which can 
help you to get the money home. So that you can transfer funds to Australia that to with great rates and also with a fraction of fees which are charged by the major banks.

With 1st contact help you can ensure your repayments which are to be made on time.

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