Best Universities for Foreign Students in Canada

19 February, 2016

Best Universities in Canada for Foreigners
A country which has a well furnished Education system which is known for its safest environment and now it is rated in the top-lists for many International students to study and it is none other than Canada.

“Canadian Universities which are known for its International Reputation holds the first rank in Canadian degrees also they are very competitive in the International markets. 13 Canadians Institutions have listed in the Times Higher Education magazine.

Few Institutions are listed below:

1. McGill University

“McGill is recognized as the reputed Institutions among the top-ranked schools in Canada. It is listed as the #24 ranking  in the recent QS World rankings. McGill has a perfect environment for abroad students with the lowest tuition fee for Foreign students.

2. University of British Columbia

It is #50 ranking and it is listed as the third QS World universities ranking. This school is well recognized and has an international reputation all over the world. However, tuition fees are higher than Canadian average which is not affordable in Canada. Despite  this Institution tops #2 on the list.

3. University of Alberta

This School is famous for its support services for international students. Alberta University attracts 6,500 Foreign students from 147 countries annually.

4. University of Toronto

Toronto is a listed as one of the multicultural cities in the world. This University is famous for its quality of education with over 15,000 International students.

5. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie is one of the oldest universities in Canada which attracts 18,200 students all over the world. 

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