Brexit could transform the UK Higher Education

22 June, 2016

‘Brexit’ could transform the UK Higher Education
The ‘Brexit’ outcome could change the whole scenario of higher education in the United Kingdom. It will send ripple effects to the United States and other surrounding nations.

The Queen Mary University of London, Principal Simon Gaskell, said that the tuition fee is going to same for the non-European students and European Students, even If the UK leaves the European Union or not.

Gaskell said, “I just imagined prospective students from the EU thinking, ‘I do one year at Queen Mary, and then suddenly get hit with a higher fee”.

If the leave campaign wins the referendum, then, also nothing is going to change; European Students in the UK Universities will not be charged more for higher education, it will not impact the loan facilities for the EU students.

If something is going to affect, the international students study programs post-referendum. That is going to change the image of the UK higher education in the global education market.

Gaskell says, “If there were a Brexit, we don’t stop being an EU member on June 24.” He also said, “It’s possible that a Post-Brexit U.K. might decide to keep its existing relationship with EU students”. But Gaskell isn’t betting on that. He said, “Bear in mind, if the leave campaign wins, the majority of the electorate would be saying we want nothing to do with EU types.”

The United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union will change the position of the UK in the global education.

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