British Universities Allures More Overseas Students

21 October, 2014

Study Growth in Britain
It was predicted that high cost of education in British universities might reduce the fame of Britain as a top destination for global students. A recent study envisages the long term stable growth in the capability of British universities to allure overseas student graduates, especially from China and India.

According to the study released by the British Council earlier this month, foresees that by 2024, Britain will append 83,000 global graduate students to the 223,745 it received in 2013.

The university’s director of international development, Nick Slade, said that the competition for overseas students has become so tough amongst smaller, midlevel universities or educational institutions in Britain.

Britain would continue to allure Indian students. Britain is considered as the second most renowned study destination for Indian students. The study expects more students graduates would come to Britain from Nigeria than from India, by 2024.

Enticing foreign graduate students, in meticulous, is significant to universities. The foreign graduates not only bring their skills and talents to research and teaching, but also tend to pay more tuition fee than their undergraduate equivalents.

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