Canada Held in Top Rank by Foreign Students

21 November, 2014

International Students in Canada
According to a new survey, Canada has proved itself as being a safe and affordable destination for international students. Its multicultural mix along with student visa programs and earning while learning facility has made it come up in the ranking list.

This survey was conducted among 1,000 students from 8 countries belonging to Asia and the Middle East. This survey would benefit Canada immensely as it tries to attract double the number of students from abroad.  In order to create more job opportunities and establishing a stable economy in the country, Canada will have about 4,50,000 offshore candidates by 2022.

For a Canadian full-time undergraduate program, the students pay an average of 5,700 dollars every year. For international students, the same would cost thrice the amount or an average of 19,500 Dollars every year. The Canadian government estimates that recruiting more offshore students could result in 86,000 additional jobs while the revenue would benefit by 10 billion dollars each year.

The Government of British Colombia is welcoming more international students in a bid to further enhance education and culture. B.C. is home for almost a third of all the international students enrolling in Canada. The second international student survey which began this month will conclude in December and the final report will be released in 2015.

The University of British Colombia and Punjab University have come up with a teacher and student exchange program. B.C. is one of the world’s most popular student destinations, with 94,000 people choosing to study there every year.

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