Canada Needs to Game Up the Educational Sector for Asian Students

09 July, 2016

Canada Needs to Game Up the Educational Sector for Asian Students
Over the past 15 year, there has been a steep growth  in the higher education sector.. The demand has been strong especially in Asia, overshadowing the domestic education sector. China has increased its capacity to educate nearly six-folds in past 15 years.

A massive expansion has been announced by India to its higher education system. The goal of India has been to train 500 million people between 2015 -2022. Similar expansions have been remarkable in Chinese magnitude also and yet demand for higher education is being satisfied by western universities, where the reputation for quality is there along with the lack of young people.  

Asian universities are aggressively recruiting top western professors in order to build the capacity of their own higher educational institutions. Thus Canada needs to rise and take the challenge of increasing the education for Asian students or the country may look for better options (countries) so as to promote its talent to the top.  

The ability to engage Asian students with Canada is greatly appreciated and also mentioned of Canadian presence in Asia’s institutions of higher Education. Canada needs to improvise the educational sector so that students study in their home and not look for studying in countries like Poland and China.

Canada’s student visa processing is equally important considering the attraction of international students. They must obtain a student visa before the admission offer is accepted by the Canadian immigration. So, there is a definitive need of standing in the competitive market, which means that Canada needs to continue its work towards a faster way of study permits.

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