Canada Wants To Retain International Students

31 August, 2016

Canada Wants To Retain International Students
Canada Immigration Minister, John McCallum, recently announced that new immigration policies will be introduced to encourage and retain international students for a longer period of time in Canada by providing post-study work opportunities.

McCallum, active in promoting immigration has promised to remove all immigration obstacles. The new policies will award additional points to international students in Canada Express Entry System, helping students to work in Canada.

He said, "Canada is an aging country, so we need new young immigrants to support our economy and help make it grow.”

In an interview with, he considered foreign students as future citizens, because of their potential, bilingualism, intelligence and adaptability with the maple-leaf country.

The new policies attract international students and facilitate them to settle in Canada. Speaking on Canada’s education ties with China he said,  "The governments of both countries want to expand ties in investment, trade and also in people, so we would like many more Chinese people to come to Canada as students, workers and temporary visitors ... so we need more visa application centers.”

China and Canada’s cooperation in education is robust. Approximately 1, 50,000 Chinese students are studying in Canada, making up the 33 percent of the 450,000 foreign student populations in the country.

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