Check out the checklist for Studying Abroad

03 May, 2016

Check out the checklist for Studying Abroad
Studying overseas provides you a prospect to see nations like the US, Australia and Canada. But moving in a new university could be challenging.  Take a look at the checklist for making sure that you are reading to move:

Find out if you require a student visa

You required a student visa or not relies on your citizenship. If you are citizen of any EU nation like Spain, Greece or Germany, you would not require a visa. If you are a non EU citizen then you would require visa, you could apply for visa three months before the start of your course.

Apply for particular study program

Many universities like in the UK provide foreign study programs. Many universities let students to pursue education in their universities and also provide various types of financial assistance.  You need to apply for a particular program in the university and upon getting approval from the university you can apply for the visa.

Apply for Scholarship

Most of the students are not aware of scholarships that are often offered by many universities and colleges, but the financial assistance would be there for you if you had applied early and you should also meet all the eligibility criteria.  You can also search a particular website of the university providing scholarship details.  There are many tailored financial loans for foreign students provided by many universities.

Search for accommodation

Normally you could apply for student halls at the university you had applied, but few universities requires you to sign a contract based on long term you might wish to avoid.  Check whether your university is providing accommodation facilities for foreign students and apply early. Residing with other foreign students is a great idea for building community with whom you could study or travel with.

Book your flights in advance

Make sure you book your flights early, and you know how to get towards your university from the airport. Make sure that you are aware of easy and quick path or you could check with your university that provides these facilities for foreign students.

Print and prepare your documents

Though tickets and visa of your flight is electronic, you can take print outs of the offer letter from the university, address proof , documents of travel insurance and copies of your passport.

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