Education plays key role in Indo-US Ties

16 June, 2016

Education plays key role in Indo-US Ties
The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to the United States said that education sector plays a major role in strengthening the bilateral relationships.

Mr. Modi unveiled the business initiative center in Washington, said in his speech that both the countries have been working together and must continue to meet the skill gaps and bilateral trade.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Modi said that excellence of the American Universities nurtured Indian management studies and technology institutes.

Modi praised the present day relations and said, “Our science and technology collaboration continues to helps us in cracking the age-old problems in the fields of public health, education, food, and agriculture.”

“We trade more with the US than with any other nation,” he noted.

The highest priority of the Indian Prime Minister is improving the skills millions of Indian youth.

Over the last decade India’s ties with the United States improved tremendously. India is a major defense partner of US and both the nations have close ties in almost all sectors of the economy.

India is one of the largest senders of students to the United States. The number of students enrolled in the US Universities under Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics is higher than any another country.  

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