English Language Requirements to Study in UK

29 February, 2016

English language Requirements to Study in UK
Thousands of students from UAE travel to the  UK each year for further education. Students of UAE have to think before migrating to the UK because they have to choose a course, where to live in, about their financial, checking with the visa with their English language proficiency. Thankfully they have a lot of agents and also organizations to help with.

Students from outside EU and EEA countries require a tier4 student visa.

Cambridge English: Proficiency in English or advanced qualifications can be used to the undergraduate and postgraduate applications this can be chosen by tier4 visa sponsor list and can be accepted for the course of the degree level. For below degree candidates have to take a test on English at UKVIís secure English Language test.

Students who belong to EU, EEA and Switzerland does not require a student visa. They need English language requirements for the institution for which they are applying to. For EU, EEA and for Switzerland  degree level students and also below degree level can also use Cambridge English. 

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