Foreign Students Enrollments On Rise At UIS, U.S.

25 October, 2014

University of Illinois Springfield has witnessed a 15 % increase in the enrollment of international students’ over this fall.

The Chancellor of UIS, Susan Koch, stated that they have been working very hard since past three years to attract more number of foreign students.

Reportedly, majority of students headed from China and India choosing their information system and computer science as their courses of study.

Notably, an increase of 115 % is observed in the enrollments of international students over this fall when compared to same period over last year.          

It has to be mentioned here that Illinois is the fifth among the states in terms of numbers after California, New York, Texas and Massachusetts. Citing the data provided by the Institute of International Education, overall 35,000 foreign students entered Illinois previous year. With 9,804 student enrollments, the UIS records the second highest number of foreign students after the University of Southern California in 2013.

According to the institute, the number of foreign students’ enrollments increased by 7.2 % to 819,644. Engineering, Mathematics, business, computer science emerged to be the top three fields of study.

Reportedly, UIS has more foreign students from India than any other nation. India and China make up by far the highest percentage of international students on campus.

Koch said that recruiting foreign students not only increases enrollments but also contributes to the budget as students pay out of their tuition. She added that welcoming foreign students on campuses is very precious to the college experience.

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