Germany Fastest Growing International Student Destination

06 June, 2016

Germany– Fastest Growing International Student Destination
In the next five years, Germany might out do UK as Europe's most sought after study destination, according to reports from Delhi-based M.M. Advisory, India being a major contributor to this growth. This report evaluated Germany's annual 6.6% increase in international students, over the last 3 years. In 2015, the number of international students who enrolled reached 321,000, which was almost as good as UK.

The report states, " Based on the past three years’ momentum and the smart initiatives being rolled out to attract students, we are projecting that Germany will overtake the UK and become the international education leader in Europe in the next five years"

Maria Mathai, executive of M.M. Advisory told, “Of course it is too early to see the announcement directly translate into numbers but you can see that the numbers for Germany have increased substantially."

"From the Indian perspective, we have seen a change in Germany as an education destination ever since the announcement." Low or no tuition fee in Germany along with long-term cultural programs and post-study work offer attracted majority of the Indian students.

"Indian students are driven by employment and immigration so I would say the majority of the Indian students prefer Germany. 

Indian students mostly opted to study postgraduate courses in Germany. However, the number of undergraduate students from India has increased exponentially.

A 30% increase in undergraduate admissions in the United State last year occurred for the first time since 2009. The demand for postgraduate studies will outweigh undergraduate admissions ongoing.

"The Indian government is relieved as there are just not enough quality education institutions in India to handle the number of students graduating from secondary schools," charged Mathai.

While traditional destinations attract nearly 85% of Indian students, Germany is growing in popularity and will soon become the most affordable destination.

United State remains the top destination even though it is expensive, She also added "Students who are looking at Germany are the ones who wouldn’t be able to afford education in other mainly English speaking destination countries."

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