Germany sees a huge flock of international students

24 July, 2015

International Students in Germany
International students are entering to Germany has hit peaks. In the previous year, the count of foreign students in Germany has reached more than the 300,000 for the first time.

At present, on a whole 301,350 overseas students are pursuing their studies in Germany to attain a foreign degree. In Germany nearly one in ten students are from overseas nations.

International students increased by 7% in 2013 and makes government target to welcome nearly 350,000 overseas students by 2020, which seems to be more possible.

Around 50% of overseas students came from other EU nations; however the major source of international students is Russia.

However, Asian students are increased considerably, with India and China playing an ever more significant role. The most popular field of education is engineering and the country is in need of skilled engineers.

Another positive exposure of the study is overseas masters students are flourishing, with a 91% pass rate. And among these nearly 60% say that they desire to stay in Germany for a certain period of time after completing their studies.

Currently, the government is making investment in higher education a priority with 10 billion set aside for university financing over the coming five years.

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