Google has revealed data about the top destinations for overseas students

28 October, 2015

Google has revealed data about the top destinations for overseas students
Finding the information about universities used to depend either on getting copy of brochure or visiting campus. Therefore these listings of requirements and courses were usually put together with all creative of telephone directory.

In every country universities are trying hard to attract more student’s particularly overseas students. Since 2000 the overseas students has doubled. Only in United Kingdom overseas students are worth £7bn per year. Maximum post graduate courses have majority non United Kingdom students.

In online searching Google has revealed about top destinations for many people to search about university information. As per 2014 the international student queries as per countries – New Zealand 1.2%, US 35.4%, China 1.2%, UK 26%, Sweden 1.4%, Canada 8%, India 1.6%, Australia 6.2%, Germany 2.2%, Netherlands 2.4%, Others 14%+.

Based on this search universities in United States get more searches from abroad than any other country. Therefore United States is the world’s biggest market for overseas students. Therefore United Kingdom is the second biggest destination for overseas students. The third place is for Canada with 8%.

Canada has raised overseas students by more than 80 percent in a decade. According to international education queries Canada comes ahead of Australia with 6 percent and overtaken by Germany 2.2 percent.

In demand for overseas education India is the 2nd to China. From 2010 to 2014 searches from India about United Kingdom universities fell every year.  26 percent university searches about United Kingdom universities in 2010.

Therefore the winners were the Canada and United States. 39 percent overseas university searches from India to United States in 2009. The search from India about Australia fell more by 2008 and 2010.

This is the mobile phone generation. Many students are interested to study in United States. And mostly they used to search universities in Smartphone’s and apply for process. 

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