ICE has Released Quarterly Foreign Student Information

30 April, 2016

ICE has Released Quarterly Foreign Student Information
Around 1.2 million foreign students with F or M status are pursuing education in the US as per the new SEVIS by numbers, a quarterly report on trends of foreign students which is prepared by the SEVP, US ICE  Customs and Immigration Enforcement’s (HIS) Investigations of Homeland Security.

The report revealed by , SEVP specifies March 2016 information from the SEVIS, an internet based system that includes data about exchange visitors, foreign students and their dependents while they reside in the US.

Based on the information taken from SEVIS on 7th March, foreign student admission at US institutions has been raised to 6.2% compared to the year March 2015. In the month of March, there were around 8,687 US institutions with the certification of SEVP for enrolling foreign students, a 3% reduce from the earlier year.

40% of  foreign students pursuing education in the US, that are almost 4,79,000 individuals, were admitted in STEM related fields.  Around 4,17,000 foreign students from Asian continent has pursued STEM education, an increase of 17% since the March last year.

The March month statement comprises a unique section about M students in the US.  In the month of March over 75% of population of M students was male. Canada was the lone nation, out of leading ten nations of origin, where most of M students, around were 51%  were female. From China, male students  comprise of 23% of the entire population of M students. 64% of M students doing majors in material moving and transportation with focusing on ground, marine and air transportation.

Most schools in the US, Southern California University, New York University, Columbia University, Northeastern University and Illinois University has been ranked one through five for universities with leading foreign student populations. Over 10,000 foreign students were admitted at every university in the month of March.

Other major points from report also revealed that around 77% of entire foreign student were from Asian continent. The leading 10 nations of citizenship for foreign students includes India, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Brazil.

The entire report could be viewed. Report information was taken from 7th March SEVIS. The report takes a snapshot of information related to foreign students pursuing education in the US. Information from the earlier SEVIS by Numbers report was taken from SEVIS in the month of November last year.

People could drill and  explore foreign student information from present and earlier SEVIS by Numbers report by viewing SEVPs tool for interactive mapping. This data can be viewed at the region, continent and at the nation level and include data on the levels of education and gender, along with the population of foreign students by state, from the geographical areas of around the world. Users could view foreign student information at the state level of the US to learn more about students pursuing education in precise area of the US.

SEVP monitors around 1 million foreign students on F or M visa studying vocational or academic education in the US and their dependents. It also certifies that programs and schools that had admitted these students. The US State Department monitor exchange visitors who holds J visa and their dependents and programs for foreign exchange visitor.

Both utilize SEVIS for protecting the national security by making sure that the visitor and the students comply with the laws of the US.  SEVP also takes and shares SEVIS data with partners of government that includes US  Border Protection and Customs and US  exchange visitors getting entry in the US.

HIS has reviewed the records of SEVIS for potential violations and it also refers cases with concerns on  security of the nation and public safety to its officers for more investigation. Moreover,  the Operational and Analysis Center for SEVP  also reviews school and student record for compliance with rules related to pursuing education in the US.

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