Imminent English Learning Centre to Help Foreign Students

08 January, 2015

Imminent English Learning Centre
The Faculty of Education at SFU is soon to start a new enterprise in order to meet the requirements of English as an Additional Language or EAL students, in the form of CELLTR, also known as Centre for English Language Learning, Training, and Research. In the words of David Paterson, associate dean of the Faculty of Education and acting director of the centre, this plan which will be launched next year, came through the Senate based on an EAL report.

According to Paterson, the initiative aimed at comprehending and arranging services for EAL learners, faculty and staff on-campus and thereafter, coming up with schemes to enhance the existing ones. Ena Lee, a professor at SFU explained that the CELLTR was unique in terms of providing services on a daily basis to all on its campus.

Apart from the traditional educational areas, this centre would provide support for language and language skills to meet the standards of SFU students. Lee went on to say that they were examining the socio-academic requirements and how that would benefit a person coming from a very different language and cultural background.

To have access to services like wellness and health, one would require linguistic access or have someone to help them. The CELLTR would also be able to link individuals with services like International Student Services, Health and Counselling and the Student Learning Commons, among many others. Although still in the nascent stages, the workshop and seminars are set off to a start. Lee said that although the faculty at EAL was helpful to the students, they may not possess the necessary knowledge about effective ways to approach pedagogy.

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