Increased number of International Students flocking to US

31 July, 2015

USA Higher education Process for International Students 2015
The United States of America is considered as a land of opportunity for pursuing higher education. Thus, in the previous year, there were nearly 1 million international students registered in US universities and colleges. Most of the international students, travelling to US are from India and China, followed by South Korea as well as Saudi Arabia.

 At present, nearly 5.4% of students in US colleges sleet from various overseas nations– a 14% up from previous year and an 85% rise from 10 years ago. The 1.2 million overseas students pursuing studies in the United States contribute nearly $34.6 billion total in tuition as well as other spending.

As per the 2014 Open Doors Data, 65% of funding for international students comes from family and personal finances, but 78% also say the entice to the States comes from more dynamic university employment efforts. In fact, 19% reports that the American Colleges covered part of the costs either trail programs or overseas government scholarship programs.

At present, nearly 50% of all international students come from China, South Korea and India collectively. While the leading places of source were all Asian at the start of the century, 2015 witnesses a blend of Asian Canadian and Middle Eastern. 

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