Indian Graduates Increase in Number in the U.S as Chinese Students Decrease

09 December, 2014

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According to a report released by the Council of Graduate Schools, the composition of this year’s foreign students at US colleges has changed. This change has been brought about by an inflow of Indian students while there is a decrease in the number of students from China.

The report, compiled in the CGS International Graduate Admissions Survey 2014 is a part of 299-degree allocating institutions in the U.S. It conferred 109,000 (66 percent) graduate degrees to overseas students in the US in 2011-2012.

There has been a rise of 25 percent in the number of Indian students in comparison to the previous academic years. However, the number of Chinese nationals did not change from last year. Their count is critical to the U.S as they comprise nearly 37 percent of all the offshore candidates who enrolled themselves in U.S colleges in 2014.

Apart from the Indian students, there are other nations like Brazil which has nearly thrice the numbers as that in 2012 that comprises of a 46 percent rise in 2013 and this being surpassed by a doubling at 98 percent in 2014. Despite this, it remains to be seen if the number of Brazilians will increase as their composition is only 1 percent of the total students admitted from abroad.

President of the Council of Graduate Schools, Suzanne Ortega said that American graduate schools continued to attract students from all across the globe. Offshore students are vital to the U.S economy. In order to make the United States a popular destination among students from other countries, plans to help such students live and work in the country after their studies were being made simpler.

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