Indian 'Highfliers' to Surge Students Number in US

11 February, 2015

Indian 'Highfliers' to Surge Students Number in US
All the students who belong to the section of 'Highflier' and are independent both financially and academically are anticipated to surge the stagnant count of Indian students in United States colleges, says Indian-American specialists.

As per WES (World Education Services), all the students are categorized into four groups based on their credentials that they score in their institutions. The four groups are Explorers, Strugglers, Highfliers and Strivers.

Most of the strivers enroll themselves in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education fields to grab the job opportunities at the earliest and to build their bright career. Usually, strivers follow with the OPT (Optional Practical Training) to gain on-board experience in the country’s top organizations and to get the H1-visas for job, says the sources.

Compared to earlier year’s figure of international students who undertake optional practical training in the country, the count of Indian students in United States has raised to 27. During the year 2013-14, U.S has open doors for nearly 81% international students to enroll in their institutions, according to sources of the country.

Almost all of the international students pursuing their higher studies in its top ranked universities benefit from the scholarships that are being offered by its government to support themselves financially in the country.

As per the educational sources of the country, all the Indian students in US institutions who belong to the segment of Highfliers can seek the quality on-board experience to excel in the field they have chosen. This rise in count of Indian Highfliers will multiply enrollments in their institutions, with respect to which the economy of the country will also be developed. In future, all the children of Highflier will be the key drivers for the global mobility between the students, says the sources.

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