Indian students are eager to study abroad

29 September, 2014

The curiosity of Indian students to   pursue overseas education is progressively rising. In the previous year, the United States consulate has noticed a rise of 40% in US student visa applications. India acts as the second major source in terms of the overseas students studying in the US.

Recently, at the launch of the US Universities Fair, the US Consul General, Phillip Min has said that currently there are more than 1,00,000 Indian students pursuing their higher studies in US universities.

Over 50% of the total number of students who are studying abroad, are engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields, he added.

The fair observed 24 universities from all over the US proffering both postgraduate and undergraduate programs.    

The regional officer at United States India Education Foundation (USIEF), Maya Sundararajan said that besides graduate students, high school students are showing a great interest in pursuing their higher education in the United States.

She said that the students are also utilizing multidisciplinary approach proffered by the US. Besides, the main subjects such as science and technology, students prefer to couple minors such as sports, fine arts or subjects for instance computer science together with biology.  

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