Indian Students Comprise the Second Largest Group in Canada College

14 January, 2015

Indian Students in Canada
The second largest student group in Canada’s Seneca College is formed by Indians, with almost 1,000 of them comprising one-fourth of the foreign student population of the college. The most popular subjects among the Indian students are the STEM-related ones like software development, international business, computer networking, security informatics, global logistics, etc. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Aviation and animation courses are also popular among the Indian students. Apart from the one-year certificate courses, Seneca has provisions for two to three-year diplomas, which can be undertaken after completing high school.

As per the officials of the Seneca College, the main spotlight is on applied learning, which is adapted to the Indian government’s design of skill development. Seneca college provides courses which aim at providing the students enhanced skills and making them ready to face the industry. The institute also invests heavily on research and helps the students have a broader outlook. These research works are carried out in tandem with small and medium enterprises. The college got a scholarship from the National Research Council for a project, due to its knowledge on open source software. As part of this project, students came up with customized and cost effective ways of providing IT solutions to small-scale businesses.

Seneca has signed MoUs with Indian Institutes such as College of Engineering, Pune. The college officials also paid a visit to the National Skill Development Corporation in a bid to understand the needs of Indian students and establish collaboration. The institute is also analyzing ways to facilitate teacher training, faculty exchange, etc. with its Indian counterparts.

Canada, in North America, provides enough educational opportunities to Indians. Some of the advantages that these Canadian Universities offer to Indian students are internship and research opportunities, stipends and scholarships that cover the tuition fees and living expenses, among many other benefits.

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