Indians most eager to send their children for overseas education

18 July, 2015

Indians most eager to send their children for overseas education
As per the new education study of HSBC, India occupies top position in sending students to overseas nations. Parents in India are more eager to send their children to abroad for post-graduation studies.

 Report says that 88% of Indian parents, 83% of Turkish parents and 82% of both Malaysia and China parents are willing to send their students for overseas education.

Of all the nations Indian parents tops the chart of parents who show interest in sending their children to abroad.  

Apparently, 16 nations in March and April 2015, emphasized that costs of foreign education is one of the major barriers for parents in India when it comes to send children to abroad for higher education. 

Around 92% of Indian parents, who are welcoming the idea of international university education, will consider paying more for overseas education than education in India. Whereas 59% of Indians would believe paying minimum 25% more, 33% would never mind paying 50% over what they can afford in India, to send their children to a foreign university.

A number of parents identify that it is more challenging than ever for younger generation to contend in the job market and thus, they are ready to assist their children boost their chances for success by financing overseas education.

At present, over 200,000 Indians are studying abroad. Of which, nations for higher studies, US remains to be the leading destination. According to the data, during 2013 to 2014, Indian students in US colleges or universities contribute $3.3 billion to the country’s economy.

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