Indians students from Kerala are most aspiring to study in UK

22 July, 2015

Indians students from Kerala are most aspiring to study in UK
The latest proposal of British government enforce curb over part-time job for non-EU nationals which has created waves in foreign education sector. As per the sources, the proposal affects Indian students desiring for overseas education in the UK, especially Indians.

Among Indians, nearly 10 to 11% students are from Kerala. Newly the UK had promulgated that there will be constraint for granting part-time work visa for overseas students from this August.

Further, the United Kingdom has agreed not to permit workers from overseas earnings below 35,000 pounds, to continue their stay in the UK. This move would show a greater impact mostly on number of Indian nurses and Chefs.

The new rule will come into effect from April 2016. International students studying in the UK have the condition to engage in part-time work for a maximum period of 20 hours for each week to support themselves financially.

The United Kingdom has out shined in comparison to other nations owing to its cutting edge technology, new courses, short-term courses and eminence educational institutions and Universities. The UK promotes international education.

According to the sources, when European Union was not engrossed to encourage education in English, the country promoted education for overseas students in a big way. The country also offers one year Masters Program under professional graduate program.

At present, EU has started promoting education for overseas students and post-study work visa is accessible for a maximum period of three years.

Education cost in EU nations like France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands is relatively less when compared to the UK and US. The move would affect financially backward yet elite students from India who desire for education in the UK through scholarships, part-time work, fellowships and assistantships.

Sources said that, the British Council must take up the matter to help overseas students to study in the UK.

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