International Students Constitute 12% Of Germany Student Population

04 August, 2016

International Students Constitute 12% Of Germany’s Student Population
International Students in Germany constitute some 12 percent of the total student population. That amounts to 321,569 foreign students in German Universities. 
According to the latest annual Wissenschaft Weltoffen, by DAAD and DZHW, the Chinese students topped in numbers for the first time. India overtook Russia to become the second biggest source for the country. Presently, there are some 30,000 Chinese students studying in Germany
The total number of international students was 177,949 at universities in 2015; it is an increase of 10,815 over the previous year. 
The international students pursuing masters increased by 15 percent in 2015, reaching a total of 61,448 students in Germany. The Bachelors’ program attracted very few international students, but in spite of that, international students’ enrollment increased by 8 percent. In the universities of applied sciences, the number of international students was much lower than other universities. The total students account for 35319 in these universities, compared with 15,814 in other universities.
Russia takes the position of third by 11,534 students. Austria (9,875) and France (7,305) take the position in the top five countries. According to DAAD survey, 72 percent of Indian students and 76 percent of Russian students have intentions to live in Germany after completion of education.

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