International Students focused on determining their future status in US

21 November, 2015

International Students in USA
The students who completed graduating at the end of semester they mainly focus on their future status in US. The students have last chance at obtaining an (optional practical training) form. Only through these forms students are allowed to reside in US after they completed their degree credits. Therefore this form permits them to reside though a co-op or job opportunity.

International adviser Jessica with scholarís office and international students explained that this form allows students to work for twelve months after their degree is finish.

 Therefore there are 4 forms of OPT there are post completion, cap gap (Math and engineering, Science, technology), pre-completion said, Fincham. Based on their education Fincham split in to categories and timeline statuses in US.

F-status remains at low state throughout the program. Whereas J-status is part of exchange program in which international students come to country and they can earn the degree. After the completion of course they must return to the origin to share the gained knowledge.

And there are also H1B students who completed their bachelorís degree may work in the country temporarily. In passport a visa is a sticker and the immigration status is H, F or J status and they hold in US and they must maintain the status. Candidates are legally to stay in that country till the visa is expired.

At present the STEM program allows the students with degrees in technology, maths or science to reside in US for additional seventeen months. Now the scholarís office and the international students will continue to help students throughput months in preparing for applications, various forms and deadlines.

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