International students have major benefits in British Columbia

26 February, 2016

Canada Offering Lot of Benefits to International Students
When a Foreign student arrives in British Columbia they are  not only gained with High-quality education instead they bring a broad range of short-and long-term social ethics with  economic benefits.

Many students choose B.C. because they have a  positive impact towards their communities and also educational institutions. Foreign students also drive their diverse and growing economy long after their graduation also. After graduating they stay in their community and also establish a trading relationship with their province.

According to the recent article, an Economist tells about the profits of inviting International students and how they are coming to their province in the form of education for more than 200 years. Their province has a long history of study destination from around the globe. One- third of Foreign students who come to Canada choose B.C. as their educational institutions. B.C. has the highest number of students who are studying in schools, colleges, private, public and in post-secondary institutions.

The tuition fee for International students may be three to four times higher for domestic students. The Clear effect is that international students sponsor an another student and create additional seats for themselves. Their tuition fees enable  to add courses and also for hiring new faculty as well as staff.

The Government also has an important role in promoting  and  to encourage International students  to come and  study instead they  also supports them for the better opportunity to begin their careers.

Economist says Canada implements and takes a right decision by setting a  goal for the International students as well as for the visa applications. The  Government is planning with federal counterparts to assure that the International students have to continue their education in the B.C. and,  later on,  to apply for PR.

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