International Students in US Can Work For Three Years

17 June, 2016

International Students in US Can Work For Three Years
International Students in the United States can work for three years under the Optional Practical Training Program. This OPT option is open for the students pursuing courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics stream.

The new guidelines active from May 10th 2016, enables the students to work for three years.

The Homes Land Department has released the rule regarding the OPT; it is published in the Federal Register.

The top consultant said that "This is welcome news and will benefit our Indian students as majority of our students going to the US prefer STEM programs. Also, by giving authority to only creditworthy universities, they will be able to manage the growth of unscrupulous agents who send the students to fake universities just to make easy money. It's a welcome step, which will not only boost education but also check immoral elements in the field of education.

The OPT training was extended for seven more months, and it makes up 36 months. Previously it was 29 months OPT training for the international students.

The OPT training makes the international graduates potential to Apply for the H-1B visa, the popular choice of the tech professionals.

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