International Students Play a Key Role in Nova Scotia's Economy

23 January, 2015

Inetnational Students in Canada
Director for NSISP (Nova Scotia International Student Program), Mitch Landry noted that Queens County is benefiting a lot from overseas programs, both socially and economically. International students studying in overseas nation can enhance their skills and abilities both personally and professionally.

During the year 2012-13, foreign students have contributed around 240 million dollars to Nova Scotia economy, says the NSISP director in one of the presentation held at the region of Queens County on Jan 13.

Individuals from overseas nations arrive at Nova Scotia to pursue their higher education and in turn, gain fine knowledge on various fields related to their domain, says the director. 

He further added that Canada is one of the top-notch no.1 study destination for international students, where it is  playing as a home town to about 100,000 students since its inception of overseas programs.

After Toronto and Vancouver, Nova Scotia has attained the position of third in occupying huge number of overseas students, says the NSISP director.

Since the year 1997, around 10,000 foreign nationals have pursed their higher studies in the region. Every year, it welcomes 1,100 overseas students in its institutions, out of which most individuals will be from Grade Primary to twelfth standards.

Foreign students relocating to this nation for higher studies fund the region in the form of tuition fees. Landry has also added that, most students arrive from major cities such as Istanbul, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and many others to pursue their studies in Nova Scotia, as it is a safe and best region to build their bright career.

As per the advanced rules of Nova Scotia, each school is permitted to admit only five overseas students from a specified country. That is, if five of the students of a particular country were admitted in one school, remaining five will be allowed to enroll in other schools of the same region.

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